1. Blue Medina is a new mini-compilation on Bad Taste Records, five tracks from new signings to the imprint as well as regulars, friends and fam. Strictly producer business on this one with instrumentals that stride through Grime and Bass music from Wumpa FruitDarkstorm,Shriekin’Swarm & TSVI.


  2. Listen to the Evelyn EP from Lean Low. Available now on Overcooked Records.

  3. Connect The Dots 2014 Highlights Video

  4. Darkstorm - Bittersweet ft. Kayo Chingonyi

    Taken from 'Mind Like Water' 

    Directed & Filmed by Tom Colville
    Edited by Abdullah Al-wali
    After Effects by George Brunt
    Video Grade by Heather Mckernon


  5. Timbah - Lemonhead Delight (Forthcoming on Tumble Audio)


  6. Affelaye


    Robokid // Ur Touch (Affelaye Remix)


    This relaxing remix by Affelaye puts worries to rest and pulls listeners in immediately.

    Various organic textures work together to create a pleasant experience. Hard not to get lost dreaming with this song.

  7. Trellion x Sniff x Rawkid - FYD (Official Video)


  9. Robokid - Ur Touch EP Preview

    Available for free download via Bad Taste Records on Monday 5th May 2014.

    Includes remixes from Affelaye, Itoa & Telescopic Thieves.

  10. Timbah - Flow Poke (Official Video)

    Watch in 720 / 1080 HD for full quality

    Directed by Madison Gouzie / Filmed by Madison Gouzie & Abdullah Al-wali / Edited by Abdullah Al-wali / Colour Grade by Tommy Marshall 

    First premiered via Noisey.